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Melal Foodcourt

Food variety is one of the indigenous characteristics and, one of the potential attractions of different countries, which, along with their other characteristics, can be a source of attraction for tourists. The diversity of the food and edible heritage of the different lands represent the longevity and depth of each land's culture and various aspects of the social functions and achievements of people and a human geography, and hence the recognition of this heritage and this collection of national achievements.

The Melal Foodcourt aims to create a space that is inspired by the indigenous and national architecture of different parts of the world and relies on the unique elements and characteristics of the architecture of each continent's leading countries.

It provides clients and customers with the opportunity to experience the architectural elements of the target countries, without having to pave the way for travel, to enjoy the variety of foods offered at this location and to enjoy a new and exciting experience from The Iran Mall.

Also, for the convenience of the customers, a part of Melal food court is made for the needs of the children and this facility will certainly provide the satisfaction and comfort of the families with their children.

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