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Exhibition Center

With the establishment of the 4th floor exhibition center, Iran Mall will fulfill its mission of introducing goods and services. The center has been built as a base for displaying domestic capabilities and export systems.

The main goal of the exhibition center is to hold quality events of a variety of product events (focusing on Iranian products), company-centered, and artistic events (handicrafts) in accordance with standards, knowledge and new technologies in the world for general and specific audiences in the direction of Iran Mall goals, Programs, policies and strategies. With special and distinctive space, this center is a perfect venue for holding various international and domestic exhibitions and provides all the needs of its customers, taking into account various areas such as specialized workshops, services and restaurants.

The exhibition halls are constructed in two floors. The first floor is a gathering place for people and meetings and the second floor is the main hall with a height of 23 meters. The features of this space allow attendance and negotiation for exhibitors and business parties at the exhibition in a delightful environment.

This complex is located in the middle of the Tehran-Karaj road, with easy access to the highways of Hemmat and Hakim as well as the Tehran-Karaj highway, as well as the easy access to 3 international airports of Imam Khomeini, Mehrabad and Payam. Generally, suitable conditions for business development provide visitors, exhibitors and organizers of domestic and international exhibitions in various markets of the growing industries of Iran.