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Traditional Bazaar

The traditional bazaar of Iran Mall is inspired by the markets of Tabriz, Isfahan, Shiraz, Qazvin, Qom, etc., with the aim of reviving the customs and traditions, the national-religious culture, the center for social interactions and recognition of them to visitors.

Also, the traditional bazaar of Iran Mall is a collection that has been designed and built on the basis of historical patterns and methods of Iranian architecture with regard to historical markets and related buildings. This magnificent complex with the Iranian-Islamic architecture will be a venue for displaying and selling handicrafts, souvenirs and products from various parts of Iran.

This bazaar consists of two main and secondary pass ways that are perpendicular to each other, which create business spaces in four directions and are dipped with domes from Iranian markets.

The center of the bazaar is the Chahar Souq. Chahar Souq divides the bazaar into 4 sections, and each store's space is between 500 and 1000 meters. The first part of the exhibition is called Firouzeh, and the Iranian Art Industry Market is one of the leading Iranian craftsmen, including enamel and pottery. AGHIGH Exhibition is the center for the supply of Persian handmade carpets.

In the entire traditional bazaar, all Iranian historical patterns have been considered. Whether in the style of the objects, or in decorating situations, the type of colors, historical examples in Iran has been the reference and pattern of artists and designers.

In this bazaar, 2100 square meters of modeling including yazdbandi, Mogharnas, and slimi designs by the skilled craftsmen.

The traditional market with an area of about 10,000 square meters is located in the west side of Iran Mall and on the second floor of the commercial. Some of its subcategories include:

  • Hall of mirrors

  • Sharbat Khaneh (Flavored Syrup)

  • Market row

  • Shops

  • chaharsou

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