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Didar garden

Didar garden is located at the attractions of Iran Mall and adjacent to the traditional bazaar and surrounding business units. The height of the garden is 14 meters, it covers a glass ceiling and is decorated with fountain and California palm trees. In the design of a magnificent 3,000-square-meter of this garden, the architectural brick patterns of the central regions of Iran such as Yazd and Kashan have been inspired.

The garden is one of the ways to connect with the western Development Plan, which is why there are two escalators on the western side. In the space between these 2 escalators constructed a cascade, which starts from the G3 floor, runs through the entire garden and extends to the coffee shop in the east. On the flow of water, a glass bridge for people to move and the eastern end to the coffee shop is also a glass platform for sitting.

The purpose of the garden is to provide a modern space in the heart of the traditional attractions of Iran Mall to provide a beautiful and diverse place for dialogue in a peaceful environment.

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