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Iran Mall team won the national Greco-Roman wrestling championship

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Iran Mall team won the national Greco-Roman wrestling championship.
That team  beat the Sina San'at Izeh team, to win the final  national grand league title.

Iran Mall Public Relations reported, all Iranian teams  partook in the national final grand league  in Yazd City 12th  November. It was the Iran  Mall team that broke the Sina San'at Izeh line of defence, to capture the championship. The latter won second title.
Local music from Iran's four corners is to be sounded in Iran Mall in honour of Unity Week.
Local music bands will be playing.
The Iran Mall Public Relations reported, 8 local Iranian groups would perform and sing odes to the Prophet PBUH , in the Bazaar.

Different groups will perform in 4 rounds from 6 to 8 p.m. at the entrance to the Haj Ali-Akbar Hall of the traditional bazaar. The event is from Monday to Friday, that's 11th to 15th November.
The first Iran Mall film is nominated to the Berlin film festival.
This film has greatly reflected on Iran's and the world's virtual media. This has meant a new trend in advertising in Iran's trade domain.
The Iran Mall  public relations reports,  the short film "through the Glass" was nominated for a win at the Berlin film fest.

"Through the Glass" is the first Iran Mall short film of the social genre, made to convey a message of kindness and sympathy.