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Aleksandr Dugin: Iran Mall proved modern economy can well intermingle with culture

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A renowned Russian philosopher and political analyst, Aleksandr Dugin, has paid a visit to Iran Mall shopping center in Tehran, stating that concentration on sociocultural areas in construction of the center would result in its eye-catching bloom and prosperity. Iran Mall media and information team took the chance to arrange an interview with him.


We are very happy to see you here in Iran Mall. The majority of experts specialized in humanities are of the opinion that Iran Mall is not merely a shopping center. They say it has created a new culture in the media of trade. What’s your take on this?

Iran Mall is definitely far beyond a shopping center. Given my experience in philosophy and cultural issues, I’m principally against trade and anything related to the materialistic approach, trading and transactions in particular. In Iran Mall, however, I felt quite a different atmosphere. I saw a display of culture here. The fact that religion manifests itself so great to the planners and builders of this mall is very important. Beautiful library and sacred cupolas in Iranian traditional architecture can be seen here.

Iran Mall is not a historical work only; rather, when visiting the mall you can eat and buy various products. The main reason for visiting such a place is living not shopping. You can go shopping everywhere. Stores and shops are available everywhere but Iran Mall has gathered together cinema, art and culture, while meeting the shopping demand of all walks of life.

I’m happy to see many Iranian products on display here. Respecting the identity of Iranian culture and putting on display the achievements of the Islamic Revolution are the two things that have made Iran Mall important to the visitors.  This large center shows how Islamic Revolution has been successful in making its people happy and creating a better life in Iran. Iran Mall in a sense, is the future of Iran. I think, it is not accidental that the name of the owner is Ayandeh Bank, since Ayandeh means future. This center is certainly a window toward future, indicating the importance of Iran’s cultural identity.

Other malls in the United States, Europe, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and China lack such an identity. They are all identical but Iran Mall is just the opposite. I appreciate he thought.

Beyond its economic role, Iran Mall is an everlasting piece to display the achievements of the Islamic Revolution of Iran. It is a matter of shame we lack such a place in Russia and we must make up for this. This mall proved that trade, production and modern economy can well intermingle with identity and cultural elements.


As the founder of neo-Eurasia Movement for the revival of Eurasia, how do you see the role of shopping centers like Iran Mall in completing the Eurasian project?

The backbone of Eurasia Movement is rejecting Western hegemony and inviting all civilizations to return to their roots. This is the basic theory in neo-Eurasia Movement. Iran Mall is a model for realization of this idea. Iranians must return to their traditions. Russians and Indians must also return to their roots. We must not let our identity fall into oblivion. This technology must be juxtaposed with culture. We must put an end to the dominance of technology and modern methods of sales intending to change the lifestyle and cultural fabric of the societies. This is the goal we are pursuing in neo-Eurasia Movement. Iran Mall is a good model for this. I recommend my friends in other countries to pay a visit to Iran Mall to understand what I mean when I talk about revival of Eurasia.

This mall is a combination of advanced technology and the real essence of tradition. Tradition must gain dominance over modernity and technology. Tradition must employ technology for realization of its goals, because spiritual life is far more important than the material life. Iran Mall’s concentration on mosque and library construction conveys the same idea.


Iran Mall is a product of private sector of the economy. What role can the private sector play in future of the economy?

It is my opinion that nothing is private. Everything belongs to God, so does Iran Mall. I think the belief in private sector has its roots in Western philosophy. Anyone with a belief in his religion knows that he is not alone and that, he is a part of the larger universe. In my meeting with the founder and owner of this mall, I came to the conclusion that he is a man of faith. He is proud to be an Iranian and believes in the revival of the traditions. He was a revolutionary fighter and a follower of Imam Khomeini. Therefore, the ownership of this mall does not belong to the private sector; rather, it is part of the Iranian spirit and creativity and the owner is a member of the Iranian community. Without the help of God no one can make a success. I do not consider him a private sector owner. He is a good model who shows how the followers of God make great success and achieve prosperity with His help.


Do you recommend Russian citizens to visit Iran Mall?

Sure I will do, because Iran Mall is a model for all of us.