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Iran Mall Medical Emergency Director Offers Interim Guidance to Fight Coronavirus

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The director of medical emergency unit at Iran Mall is of the opinion that washing hands and avoiding touching of eyes, nose, ear and mouth are the safest ways to fight coronavirus.

Offering latest recommendations to fight coronavirus, Dr. Azadeh Fazli said: “Do not refer to the hospitals for a simple sneeze or cough. Hospitals are among most infected places. Coronavirus is transmitted through bodily mucus. To avoid receiving the virus, one must wash hands regularly and avoid using any available disinfectant. For instance, non-medical alcohol is destructive to the skin.”

She added: “It is wise to quarantine under-9 kids, the elderly and those with poor health history. The other people must strictly observe health and hygiene standards when they are out for urgent matters.”

Iran Mall medical emergency director recommended people to use face masks in closed areas such as public buses and cabs and also in highly frequented places. “Wear disposable latex or plastic gloves when using ATM and POS.”

Fazli further noted that one must not touch personal belongings with the gloves. “Some people take their things out of their bag with their hands in gloves. It is a wrong and pathogenic practice.”

According to her, non-quarantined people must remove their gloves and face masks when entering home and dispose them into a dustbin with lid, and immediately change their clothes. “It is better to wash outdoor clothes every day. If not possible, expose them to radiator heat, stove heat or sunray. This is because high heat kills corona.”

Fazli went on to say: “Although coronavirus is a world epidemic, observing personal hygiene is very effective in controlling the virus. The speed of infection must not fully occupy our mind and life.”

“Covid-19 is less fatal than other viruses but the stress as well as mental and behavioral obsession are more destructive than the disease itself,” she observed, adding: “The major part of this obsession comes from the unsupported words of mouth and cyberspace contents that have no scientific basis.”

She assured that there will be no virus infection if people wash their hands and disinfect their living or working environment.

Elsewhere Fazli referred to the face mask using: “The available face masks are simple surgical face masks. Patients and people commuting in the populated areas can use these masks. It is usable as far as it is not damp. Face masks must not be washed for reuse and they must not be refilled with gauze pads or tissues. Only people with fever and coughing must use face masks and they must be disposed every two hours.”    

She stated that using any alcohol or any disinfectant for the hands and surfaces will definitely lead to skin diseases in the near future. “It is recommended to use diluted alcohol and alcohol-based disinfectants for the hands. As for the surfaces, apply a mix of 20 cc bleach with 980 cc water. The best way to sterilize hands, however, is washing it with water and soap for 20 seconds.”

Fazli finally recommended washing hands each time after touching public-utility tools and instruments, elevators, etc. “The disease does not transmit through the skin but through the mucus found in the eyes, nose, ear and mouth.”