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Iran Mall's care center has been handed over to Iran's Health Organization

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Iran Mall's care center, which has been specially equipped to treat coronavirus patients, has been handed over to the Health Organization.

In the first phase of this operation, and as a step toward putting 'social responsibility' in action, Iran Mall has been able to turn its exhibition center to a place for treating coronavirus patients, Iran Mall's public relations report.

The exhibition center with an area of 483,000 square feet, has the capacity for 3000 beds, and in less than a week it has already been equipped with the latest and the most up-to-date medical equipments, turning it into a care center for coronavirus patients. This, now has been handed over to the Health Organization, in the course of an agreement signed on March 22nd. Iran University of Medical Sciences is now the authority to receive and treat the patients in this center.

Iran Mall's care center will be hosting the cured coronavirus patients who are in need of a place to spend the rest of their recovery under medical healthcare.