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The Iran Mall; a Vast Shopping Center Ideal for Social Distancing

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Whether you are inside the mall or outside of it, Social Distancing in a vast shopping center like The Iran Mall is an easy thing to consider.

According to The Iran Mall's public relations, "With more than 76 million square foot area both exterior and interior, and as the largest mall in the middle east, The Iran Mall has provided customers with a very safe place."

The chief for The Iran Mall's health care unit, open areas for customers, stores, large corridors and hallways, numerous restaurants, cafes and rest rooms are some of the unique features that make maximum Social Distancing easier for clients.

"Most shopping centers, due to their improper air conditioning and limited spaces, are among the dangerous places for customers." Mr. Akbari said. He then followed: "Large stores with areas of more than 1075 square feet, wide corridors, numerous restaurants and cafes with proper ventilation are just a few of The Iran Mall's notable features, so customers can enjoy The Iran Mall with peace of mind.

The chief for The Iran Mall's health care unit stated that "From the first day of the epidemic, the staff are being constantly trained about medical care", and then added: "the entering and exiting customers in restaurants, cafes and even the traditional bazaar will be supervised to ensure proper social distancing."