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Please Do Not Enter Without a Mask

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Following the compulsive plan of wearing masks in public places set by The National Anti-Corona Headquarters, The Iran Mall is now addressing the hygiene protocols more than ever before by starting a campaign called "I Wear Mask."

Reported by The Iran Mall's public relations, the majority of the visitors and staff showed up in The Iran Mall wearing a mask, concurrent with the new mandatory plan of wearing masks set by the government since 5th of July.

In the progress of administrating the new compulsive plan of using masks, The Iran Mall's securities and even some of the retailers are prohibiting the entrance of visitors without a mask. Also, numerous posters have been installed all over The Iran Mall in the visitors sights, stressing out the importance of wearing masks.

"I Wear Mask"; a Campaign for One another's Well Being.

In addition to the design and installation of the posters, The Iran Mall's public relations has reportedly designed a mask with The Iran Mall's logo to encourage more of its Instagram viewers to use masks, with the "I Wear Mask" campaign showing a vast majority of the visitors and the staff wearing a mask on The Iran Mall's Instagram page.