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The Iran Mall, a New Hub for Stock Exchange

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The managing director and board members of Ayande Bank, alongside a number of executers in the stock market and the executive managers of The Iran Mall have discussed the manners of establishing a center for stock exchange activities.

As Ayande Bank's public relations reports, in this meeting that a group of chief managers in the investment market alongside other major executers in the stock market with another group consisted of Ayande Bank and The Iran Mall's chief managers were present, debates were over the necessity of setting up a comprehensive center for stock activities such as stock exchanges, instructions, trainings and other investment-related activities.

In this meeting, the former head of stock organization and the current managing director of Ayande Bank pointed out the glad hands of investors and people while being in the stock market and enumerated the many capacities of The Iran Mall for hosting various executers next to fulfilling people's needs.

Doctor Mohammad Fatanat said: "The Iran Mall's foundations in technical, commercial, tourism and cultural aspects can fulfill the needs of all executers and the people referring to them