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The Employment of the Most experienced Firemen by The Iran Mall

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The chief of the firefighting unit in The Iran Mall has evaluated the readiness of the mentioned department in encountering high-level incidents.

Mr. Behzad Bozorgzad, in his conversation with The Iran Mall's public relations, stated that "Fighting with fire is only one of the firefighting unit's duties," and said: "saving the trapped, giving aid to the cars in an accident inside The Iran Mall's area, elevator incidents, the prevention of falling objects and trees from height and the clearance of vermins are also a part of the firefighting unit and HSE's duties."

The chief of the firefighting unit says: "54 perfectly experienced forces with 8 firetrucks have been settled in a main and a number of other temporary stations equipped with saving and extingushing tools, and are prepared to encounter any type of probable incidents to guarantee visitors' safety."

He then added: "Although other volunteers can be verified in the firefighting organisations, they must also pass a 3/6-months training course specifically designed for The Iran Mall regarding fire extinguishing and probable incidents."