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The Iran Mall's Atmosphere Filled with the New School Year Spirit

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Even under the influence of Covid-19, moving closer to the new school year has presented more vibrancy to The Iran Mall's corridors.

As we move towards the second half of Shahrivar month, the notable crowd in front of The Iran Mall's shops is portraying an energetic picture of the enthusiastic customers whose attention is brought to bags and shoes, clothing and stationeries.

Although we are used to seeing this amount of excitement in this market near every school year opening, regarding the current Covid-19 situations, expecting this huge crowd was far-fetched.

Right now, this impressive crowd of shoppers in front of The Iran Mall's shops has something else to say. Apparently, the clothing and stationery units which are open and running, are drawing more and more attention to The Iran Mall for families to not only enjoy shopping, but also made The Iran Mall a desirable place to spend some quality time with their families.