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The Iran Mall to Host the Biggest Gathering of the Prime Scientists of the World

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The fifth congress of The Universal Scientific Education and Research Network (aka USERN 2020) will be held at The Iran Mall this October.

As reported by The Iran Mall's public relations from October 8th, this congress - being supported by 100 universities from 35 different countries - will be hosted by The Iran Mall's exhibition centre for 3 days.

The Universal Scientific Education and Research Network (USERN), being ethic-based and humanitarian oriented, started to work in 22 different fields of study, aiming at teaching and research for putting science into work with anti-violence and peaceful purposes, leading to developments and improvements in science.

The interdisciplinary fields and the making of the foundation is the USERN's main concern to hopefully form up a better connection amongst young researchers and experienced scientists, made possible through executing international scientific plans.

The opening of the exhibition, the closing and

the annual prize award of the best scientific innovation will take place at The Iran Mall's exhibition centre while other scientific plans will be simultaneously administered at other sections of The Iran Mall.