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Keeping people safe with the latest technologies and the most experienced forces

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Engineer Bozorgzad, stated the approach of the safety unit, firefighting unit and crisis management unit is to make The Iran Mall the safest complex by considering the latest international standards and safety protocols with the help of its firefighting unit.

The manager of the firefighting and safety office of The Iran Mall in an interview with The Iran Mall's public relations stated: "The Iran Mall's firefighting unit has started its activities since July 11th 2015, and as time passed, by opening up HSE office and improving its manpower and equipments is now here on top.

Six people are currently working in the headquarters office. There are also 49 experienced HSE experts who have graduated in related fields with a valuable work experience who were also selected by scientific tests that are working alongside them. Fifty-two firefighters are also monitoring the safety of the complex ever moment who are also shift working, summing up to 108 staff and in the near future, when other sections of The Iran Mall turn operational, around 40 other staff will be hired."

Regarding the shift working of staff, Mr.Bozorgzad stated: "40 of HSE's staff are day workers and work from 8 in the morning till 5 in the afternoon, and 9 others are working 3 shifts (12 hour work/24 hour rest.) Also, 51 staff of the firefighting unit are working in 3 shifts that include 24 hours of standbys and 48 hours of rest."

Mr.Bozorgzad, regarding the hiring process of this unit, stated: "The applicants should send in their resumes through The Iran Mall's website or via Email, and after the early review done by the human resources, the resumes will be referred to the firefighting unit and after another review, some of the applicants would be selected for a job interview. In the process of the interview, the staff get more familiar with the applicants' other capabilities and some of those are referred to the professional interview. The professional selection of the applicants include physical readiness and finally the chosen ones with the proper abilities will be successfully hired."

The chief of the HSE, regarding the ways that people can report incidents and fire, said: "On one hand, all of the visitors of The Iran Mall can call '+98 21 460 25 125' or '+98 9102425125' in case they encounter fire or probable signs of fire such as smoke or smell of burning. The numbers are also indicated on notification boards all around complex to make the authorities aware of any possible danger. On the other hand, our HSE co-workers always have their special uniforms on, analysing everywhere every moment and visitors can report any possible danger to them. Also, the fire alarm systems (Push Buttons) are installed in the complex and people can report any hazardous incident to the firefighters by pushing them."

Mr. Bozorgzad distinguished the difference between HSE and the firefighting unit by saying: "The forces at HSE are responsible for preventing and anticipation of any danger, meaning that their job is to find potential hazards, reduce risk, and control the factors that can cause incidents, while the firefighters' duty, aside from preventing incidents, is to fight off the danger itself by active defense."

He stated that special features that make The Iran Mall's firefighting unit unique among other malls are: "... the presence of permanent firefighting stations with the latest equipments, the presence of HSE's experienced staff and firefighting units who have graduated in their related fields with high physical readiness, the rescue helipad and also the appropriate architecture of The Iran Mall, are all there to ease the emergency evacuation using same-floor passages and putting the automatic and smart fire extinguishing systems in use, alongside the addressable fire detection and notifying system which supports all visible and not visible areas, has made The Iran Mall the pioneer in safety of its visitors when compared to other complexes and malls. As a result, this unit has put all its efforts in using unique technologies and latest tools to protect the visitors safety and health."

Mr.Bozorgzad, referring to the equipments of this unit stated: "The firefighting unit, in addition to the expert forces, is equipped with 1 heavy 18-ton truck, 4 semi-heavy cars, 2 Nissan trucks, 1 lorry and 3 motorcycles fully equipped with fire extinguishers. Also, first aid supplies including air mattresses, iron cutting scissors, fireproof clothings, oxygen capsules and fire extinguishers in different types are available."