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Vertical Green Spaces in Mahan Garden

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The manager of the green spaces of The Iran Mall, while pointing out the creativity behind planting the Shirazi cypresses, said: "By using unique ways of planting and cultivation of trees in vertical orientation, a vertical green space has been managed in Mahan Garden."

In a conversation with the The Iran Mall's public relations, Mr. Nikrooz Zarif stated: "The Iran Mall's green space in Mahan Garden has been designed and conducted with 48 Shirazi cypresses and metal framing, in the form of a multilayered cake. This method of planting and cultivation is pretty unique in its own way and has also been patented."

The Iran Mall's green space manager explained: "The Shirazi cypresses with the unique and creative ways of planting and cultivation, resulted in a especial eight-meter-high jasmine Dutch tree shape."

He pointed out: "In every row, there are almost 70 jasmine Dutch flowers and the watering system is drop irrigation based, injecting water and nutrients to the very end of the row, which makes the plants to look like a giant cypress."

Mr. Zarif, while stating that the green areas of The Iran Mall has been increased from 2.5 acres to 5 acres since last year, added: "In The Iran Mall's green spaces, there are 150 types of different greeneries, earning The Iran Mall the second place in variety of plants right after The National Botanical Garden of Iran."