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The Consultation of The Iran Mall's Pundits Over Project Management

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The 15th International Project Management Conference has been held in The Iran Mall's exhibition centre.

According to The Iran Mall's public relations, The Iran Mall has hosted The 15th International Conference Over Project Management. The conference was held and broadcasted online, with the presence of pundits and expert university professors.

The main event was held in The Iran Mall's exhibition centre, with over 1000 online attendees following the lectures and discussions.

In The 15th International Project Management Conference, expert university professors and well-known pundits discussed their perspectives on economical and financial challenges on small and big scales, explaining their approaches to confront these issues especially through economical plans.

Confronting the delays in civil project execution, supplying the finances from the capital market, executing civil projects in hard conditions, the governance over super-projects and the management of equipments in suspended projects were some of the subjects of speech in this conference.

According to this report, a book entitled with the name of this conference will be published soon, which will contain all of the articles and lectures from The 15th International Project Management Conference.