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Announcement of The Winners of USERN 2020 in The Iran Mall

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The 5th Universal Scientific Education and Research Network is now finished with its activities on Tuesday (November 10th) in The Iran Mall's Jondi-Shapoor library.

As reported by The Iran Mall's public relations, the closing ceremony of USERN 2020 was performed with the presence of ambassadors and representatives, both in person and virtually, from more than 100 universities and scientific centers with attendees from 35 different countries including Russia, Germany, Italy, Belgium, China, Portugal, Australia, Ukraine, Finland, Slovenia, Bulgaria and Bangladesh.

At the closing ceremony, the prizes for chosen winners of this congress in 5 different areas of research - as a representation - of universal scholars have been handed over to their country's ambassadors in Tehran. Also, Turkey was chosen to host the USERN 2021 event.

At the end of the closing ceremony, Dr. Nima Rezaei hoped that as the Covid-19 situation improves in the upcoming years, more enthusiasts will be able to attend such events.

For more information about the USERN 2020 and the administration of this event in The Iran Mall, click here.