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UNESCO to Move All of its Documents and Books to The Iran Mall

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The secretary-general of The National Commission of UNESCO in Iran declared the preparedness of The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization to move UNESCO's central library and documents to The Iran Mall.

Mr. Hojjat-ollah Ayoobi, the secretary-general of the commission of UNESCO in Iran, after visiting different sections of The Iran Mall, while stating that UNESCO - with unique and invaluable books - is trying to have find its proper place in The Iran Mall, added: "By visiting this huge complex, people feel their true inner identity."

The secretary-general of the commission of UNESCO in Iran said: "I wished we could reconstruct what has been left of our past great nation, but with The Iran Mall, those elements has been reformed by one eye on modernity and the other one on improvements. All the people involved in this complex have shown that they are the true children of those who built our history with glory and beauty."

Mr. Hojjat-ollah Ayoobi stated that if you ever happen to find yourself in other big complexes in the neighbourhood countries, the paradox between the exaggerated modernity with no connection with the culture of their country makes you uncomfortable, but it's in The Iran Mall where you can go back to your identity and step through the alleys of our homeland."