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The Iran Mall Is Ready to Prepare a Care Center for Coronavirus Patients

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As a step towards social responsibility in the battle with The Coronavirus, The Iran Mall has once again announced its preparedness to set up a care center for Coronavirus patients.

The Iran Mall's public relations stated that this request has been referred to the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Training and meanwhile, The Iran Mall is waiting for the request to be approved.

The Iran Mall's exhibition centre with a capacity of over 3,000 beds is ready to provide health-care services by putting all its power in the hands of The Ministry of Health.

This complex had prepared a very well-equipped care center for Covid-19 patients - in April and May - in the first wave of the disease, with hundreds of patients successfully recovered in the 3 months of the exhibition centre's activity.

The opening of this care centre was admired by Mr. President Rouhani and had an extensive repercussion in news all over the globe in either national and international media.