Galaxy Iranmall championship in Iran

The Galaxy team won the title of the first bowling tournament of Iran's   Cup.

According to the Iranmall public relations; The first round of the Cup of Bowling Clubs of the country was held in Iranmal and Persian Gulf bowling clubs in Shiraz in October and November 2022. The teams competed in 6 days and in 5 games every day; and, at the end of the return round, Iranmall, Naqsh-e- Jahan and Persepolis won the first to third titles.

The six-member team of Galaxy Iranmall consisted of: Mohammad Adabi, Pouyan Afrazah, Arvin Afrazah, Sasan Tabarraei, Farhad Defai, Sam Bigdeli, with a total of 21613 points.

The Iran Mall bowling Saloon with 16 lanes and an area of ​​1,600 square meters was built according to the latest international standards in 2021.