Iran Mall’s hotel is one of the largest and most luxurious sections of this huge multi-purpose complex. This brilliant structure which is situated in the most eastern part of the mall consists of 18 stories and more than 300 rooms. Those parts of the hotel which are located on the western wing have a view of Tehran’s well-known artificial lake, SHOHADAYE KHALIJ-E-FARS (martyrs of Persian Gulf), and other attractions of the neighboring district, while the eastern wing has a magnificent view of the beauties of Iran Mall especially its glamorous roof garden and colorful musical fountain.

The significance of this hotel in Iran Mall is just clear when the future of the country and Iran Mall is being considered. Thinking about the visitors of the exhibition center or athletes enjoying its vibrant sports venues or those millennials just being absorbed by its recreational hubs, a living 24/7 hotel becomes more and more important. Those employing diverse usages of the mall are the potential guests of its tremendous hotel.

Iran Mall’s hotel is under the final stages of construction