Sharbat Khaneh

Sharbat Khaneh is a luxurious quarter located at the southern section of Iran Mall's traditional bazaar. Here you can enjoy the endless variety of invigorating Iranian syrups known as "sharbat" which are a mixture of herbs, seeds, spices and juices with water and sugar syrup or honey.

If you're in love with the elements of Persian culture and style, you are invited to visit the Sharbatkhaneh. The place is a perfect hangout for family and friends and even business meetings. Your foreign guests will definitely enjoy having a sip of authentic Iranian sharbats and distilled herbal drinks while observing the sophisticated harmony of Persian decoration and architecture around them.       

Different types of authentic Persian art and the works of professional Iranian craftsmen such as tile works, stuccos, plaster works and illustrations are only some of the dazzling attractions at the Sharbatkhaneh.