The Mirror Hall

Mirrors play an outstanding role in our daily lives but along their reflective features, for centuries mirrors have served as one of the inseparable elements of Persian-Islamic culture in the form of an art known as mirror works or "ayeneh kari".

Tiny pieces of mirror are cut and placed next to one another by dexterous craftsmen, to create artistic symmetrical patterns that take every visitor's breath away. This dazzling display of reflective geometry dominates the mind in an enigmatic fashion. While mirrors are seen everywhere, they do not fully reflect the picture of the beholder!

Sophisticated mirror works can be seen in many palaces, holy shrines, mosques and pavilions across Iran but finding a mirror hall in the heart of Iran Mall's Traditional Bazaar is a surprise that many do not expect. In the most western section of the secondary corridor of Iran Mall's Traditional Bazaar, two sash gates also known as "Orosi" in Persian, welcome visitors at the doorstep of one of the most beautiful departments of the grand mall.

Here you are at the Mirror Hall with all its beauty and splendor; where the walls and ceiling are decorated with millions of tiny bits of mirror. The genuine Persian rug under your feet displays a festival of colors and dancing patterns which are repeated again and again in every single piece of mirror that surrounds you.     

This beautiful hall does not only serve as one of the outstanding attractions for the visitors and customers of Iran Mall but can also be used as a special pavilion for welcoming VIP guests and holding formal sessions.