Mahan Garden

The concept of Persian Garden has been a dominant factor for the architects of Iran Mall. That's why two main sections of the mega complex are designed and built as Persian Gardens. The Mahan Garden is just one of two astounding Persian gardens which represents a terrestrial paradise at the heart of a world class architectural wonder.

Prior to entering the area most visitors will be marveled by the breathtaking atmosphere of this man-made paradise; an experience like no other.

Mahan Garden faces the Alborz Mountains from the north and the musical fountain from south, in line with historic architectural techniques that insist on building Persian Gardens along the slopes.

One of the exclusive features of Mahan Garden is the cypress orchard. Since ancient times the cypress tree has been the symbol of grace, persistence and eternity in Iran. Here privet shrubs are planted in pits and trimmed to resemble the Iranian cypress tree.

In addition to its splendor, this magnificent garden is also home to a considerable number of shops that offer high quality fashion products and jewelry. Some of the best brands of restaurants and cafes will soon open in Mahan Garden.

Enjoying a fine dining experience in this wonderful environment will create unforgettable moments for every visitor. Mahan Garden also provides a unique opportunity for organizing events and special ceremonies.