Jondishapour Library

It is a book lovers' paradise and a tribute to one of the most significant scientific academies of all time; the Jondishapour library which bears the name of Iran's famous center for higher learning in the 3rd century AD during the Sassanid era, is known as the most favorite sections of Iran Mall based on opinion polls.

Every day the library and its incredible architecture is visited by thousands of people and book enthusiasts who flock in and out of this huge archive, either out of curiosity or in their quest for knowledge.

The clever use of fine wood by dexterous carpenters accompanied by a brilliant interior design, present peace and luxury at their best. Jondishapour library or as the Sassanids called it "Gundeshapur" , is created for several purposes.

In addition to its traditional application, the library also serves as a market for cultural products with a book café, a "Shahr-e-ketab" store for books and stationaries and a photography studio. The main library section is located on G2 however sections of it such as reading rooms and Iran's national UNESCO commission archive are situated on G3 and RG levels.

The Jondishapour library has so far hosted a number of significant international art and cultural events.