The Iran Mall mosque is built based on a simple concept; a prayer area for Muslims that conveys beauty, modesty and purity all together; and these elements are perfectly combined to create a space which is both brilliant and spiritual at the same time.

Handmade tiles and plasterwork sit perfectly along wood and stone around the main praying court which is covered by an exquisite Persian rug woven especially for the area. In its central pattern the carpet depicts a reflection of motifs on the ceiling above; creating a breathtaking harmony in space.

Colorful illustrations on the dome along with the mosque's Mihrab* that carries the name "Allah", portray a remarkable balance between modesty and beauty. Here worshipers can spend their moments praying and talking to the almighty creator. The mosque creates an opportunity for people to find peace after hours of roaming the endless halls of Iran Mall. 

Nevertheless, the Mosque of Holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)** is not the only prayer ground in Iran Mall. In fact dozens of other prayer rooms are available across the entire mall since access to the great mosque during the call to prayers could be time consuming due to the huge dimensions of Iran Mall. 

The Mosque of Holy Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) is situated on the southwest wing of G(0) level.

*Mihrab: a niche in the wall of a mosque, at the point nearest to Mecca, towards which the congregation faces to pray.

**PBUH: Peace be upon him