Melal Food Hall

Food is an inseparable part of every culture and each nation has its own school of cooking and culinary skills. Throughout history our gastronomic sense of adventurism has taken us far beyond the boundaries of good cooking, influencing our lifestyle, way of thinking and even architecture.

That is the main reason Iran Mall decided to allocate an area to fine dining. The Melal (Nations) garden restaurant is an international food hall. It is a place where cooking and architecture go hand in hand. Each corner of the garden displays a different architecture related to the origins of foods that are served at the restaurant. Here you can sit and enjoy a variety of authentic cuisines while fantasizing about your favorite country.

All the spaces created within the Melal Food Hall are made by the finest materials. The objective has been to get as close as possible to the original architecture of each country. No artificial décor is used in both interior and exterior spaces. Restaurants in this section of Iran Mall will soon be ready to serve authentic cuisines to enthusiastic food lovers. 

Melal Food Hall is accessible through the southern wing of G3 level.