The Traditional Bazaar

You might get caught by surprise to find yourself in the middle of a traditional bazaar while roaming around a super advanced shopping center mobilized with some of the world's latest technologies. Iran Mall provides you with such a remarkable experience!

The Traditional Bazaar is where visitors enjoy the stunning experience of finding themselves in a time tunnel.

Architecture in this area is inspired by the genuine traditional bazaars across Iran and the delicate beautification techniques used in decorating their interior spaces. Now let's take a closer look at the architectural details of this bazaar.

Each section of the bazaar represents a particular style of authentic Persian architecture with historic motifs and patterns that add extra value to surrounding walls and ceilings, all designed and created by dexterous young Iranian artists.             

The presence of fine woodwork is perhaps the most outstanding decorative element in the bazaar, especially when combined with inlaid glass. A reincarnation of historic slash doors and windows known as "Orosi" in traditional Persian architecture, attracts all eyes at the doorstep of each compartment.

Structurally, a traditional bazaar comprises two intersecting corridors. The point where the main and the secondary corridors converge is called a "charsoo". Two round water containers carved from a whole chunk of rock are among the outstanding attractions of the bazaar.

These two elements of the traditional Persian architecture are known as "sangab" and are placed in the charsoo as well as the bazaar's northern gate. Back in the old days the sangab was used as a container for drinking water and sweet soft drinks called "sharbat" that were served in mosques, holy shrines and bathhouses.

The Mirror Hall and "Sharbat Khaneh" or syrup house are two separate sections in the heart of the bazaar that will be introduced further in this catalog. Each shop in the marketplace is in harmony with the section's dominant traditional theme. 

Exquisite Persian rugs, antiquities and handicraft are only some of the items related to fine Persian art and Iranian lifestyle which are offered at the Traditional Bazaar, located on the western wing of G2 level between "Didar Garden" and "Jondishapour library".