"Old Tehran" Passage

It is true that Iranmall was built in the heart of "New Tehran" and in the area where the future of this city will be determined, but is it possible to ignore the charms of this 200-year-old capital?

Old Tehran was likely to come from another world. Old Tehran was so great, with the mysterious passages in the market, loud sounds of the minarets of the mosque, flickering light of the candles, sound of the hammers and pens of the craft market and the sharp taste of tea in the coffee house and a thousand other delights in the pages of novels of old and contemporary literature and history. Even if we haven't read about this city, we definitely have memories of it in movies, and there are many dears who still not only remember the old Tehran, but in their imaginations, they even live in the same old city.

Now Iranmall has revived "old Tehran". In an area of ​​more than 1450 square meters. "Old Tehran" with 18 rooms of in the heart of Iranmall, and four palaces named "Golestan", "Golzar", "Golshan" and "Golnoush" welcomes crowds. Shops include jewelry design, perfumery, coffee and tea house, pottery and ceramics, painting, souvenirs, needlework, embroidery, leather, furniture and etc. The passage of “old Tehran” is literally both an omen and a spectacle. It will take you to the thousand-colored world of history and polish your heart in its well-proportioned corridors and cozy corners, and send you home with your full hands. This is "Old Tehran".